Perforce in Maya

about a week ago, I set out to get perforce functionality into maya, with the goal of keeping artists/animators focused on the art, and not having to worry as much about source control.  So, here’s a video going over some of the things I did to get Perforce working in maya, and some ideas for adding some more functionality onto it later.


4 responses to “Perforce in Maya

  1. sure did! It is pretty sweet, but I wanted to be able to do more than it offered. Checking if your references were up to date was huge. Also, an extension of this(this is just the framework) will be checking your scene before submit, like naming conventions, what’s in your scene. I wanted to write everything custom so I can really branch and make it do whatever I want it to. Sending emails to people who have your file checked out, setting reminders or alerts for when a file is available, etc.

  2. Intersting stuff, I did some similar work recently, but opted to use the P4 Command Client only, and running it mainly through os.popen(). I figured that it would be more stable through future uprades, though the decision was marginal.

    One thing that my users found really useful, is a check, add and submit for any textures in the scene that are missing from the depot and auto completion of the changelist description for this operation.

  3. Hi Jeremy.

    Question, have you gotten the perforce python api’s to work with Maya 2012 64-bit on Windows?

    If yes, how and would it be possible to get a copy of your framework?

    John Morrison
    Pascucci & Morrison
    Catering and Computer Services

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